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Market indices
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  index   value   variation
  BET   8,416     0.55%
  BETPLUS   1,254     0.60%
  BET-FI   36,299     0.24%
  BET-XT   763     0.50%
  BET-NG   718     0.80%
  ROTX   17,597     0.55%
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  • JPMorgan: the withdrawal of Greek banks from Romania would not pose such a big problem for the banking sector
  • Moody’s does not plan to modify Romania’s rating for at least a year to come
  • Azeri state company paid 2 million dollars for 15 gas stations Romtranspetrol
  • Romanian Economy Ministry plans to obtain 600 million euro by selling shares at Petrom
  • Dacian Ciolos about the infected cucumbers’: EU will aid vegetable producers in the affected countries
  • Unemployment rate in the EU dropped in April to 9.4%
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